About Us

About The Alliance

The Defense Alliance of North Carolina is a private, nonprofit, organization focused on strengthening North Carolina’s defense sector and those who support it.

The Alliance combines the powerful leadership of distinguished military officers and industry executives, a large and active membership base, and an impressive set of standing forums and events to support North Carolina’s government, military, business, and academic communities.

Our Mission:

Grow North Carolina’s defense economy in a way that creates new long-term investments and job opportunities.


Improve the economy of North Carolina by:

  • positioning key organizations and senior leaders to assist in the expansion of defense-related business opportunities throughout the state
  • leading high-impact strategic growth initiatives
  • providing actionable information and networking opportunities to NC entities with defense sector interests.

The Alliance’s unique ability to lead government, military, industry, and academic partners in collaborative efforts toward common objectives continues to create opportunities for North Carolina while augmenting the capabilities of the nation’s military.

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Our History

The Defense Alliance of North Carolina was created in August 2019 with the Boards of the North Carolina Military Foundation (NCMF) and the North Carolina Defense Business association (NCDBA) agreed to merge.

The North Carolina Military Foundation (NCMF) was founded in 2006 by the NC Governor as a state-wide, non-partisan, privately funded economic development group comprised of distinguished military retirees and some of the state’s preeminent corporate citizens. NCMF led high-impact strategic growth initiatives and positioned NC’s leaders to preserve and grow the state’s defense economy.

The Defense Business Association (NCDBA) was founded as a professional trade association of businesses with interests in military contracting, government affairs, and supporting the state’s military installations. NCDBA provided networking opportunities and connections to promote defense related business within the state of North Carolina. It hosted of numerous events across the state lead by volunteer members since 2009.