North Carolina for Military Employment (NC4ME)
North Carolina for Military Employment (NC4ME)
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1911 Gum Branch Road
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Kimberly Williams
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NC4ME leverages existing workforce development resources and technology to implement a unique, employer-centric strategy to connect military talent to business needs. NC4ME is unique in that it is ONE team, to include State Government: The Governor’s Office, the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, and the Department of Commerce (NC Works), NC National Guard and companies throughout North Carolina working together to change the military employment climate in North Carolina. NC4ME’s strategy involves actively engaging every critical player in the employment process. It starts at the strategic level, by showing senior business leaders that military talent is perfectly suited to drive business results in their industry. From there, human resource and recruiting professionals are taught how to find and assess qualified military talent. Finally, military job seekers are shown the breadth of organizations ready to hire them in industries across North Carolina. To execute this strategy, NC4ME has created a partnership of organizations hand-picked based on their proven ability to operate effectively at critical points in the employment process. This includes the NC Department of Commerce, which serves as the State’s lead proponent for workforce support activities; the NC Society for Human Resource Management, which is the accrediting body for over 6,000 human resource professionals; Onward to Opportunity (020) which offers multiple pathways for accredited training; and the transition assistance offices from each military installation in North Carolina. Adopting this partnership model for service delivery dramatically reduces operating costs, redundancy, and confusion in NC’s military support infrastructure. To accomplish its mission, NC4ME has centered its programming around three primary goals:

● Learn Why: Educate strategic business leaders on the value of hiring high performing military talent.
● Learn How: Provide accredited human resource training on how to recruit, select, and retain high performing military talent.
● Connect employers with high performing military talent to drive business results.

2nd Representative
Cody Deupree