Tim Gabel

Tim Gabel

Executive VP of SSES, RTI International

About Tim Gabel

Tim J. Gabel, is the executive vice president of Social, Statistical, and Environmental Sciences (SSES) at RTI International. SSES, the largest of RTI’s business units with annual revenue in excess of $385M and more than 1400 professional staff, conducts a variety of research, development and technical assistance projects in multiple domains. Most of the SSES portfolio involves large-scale data collection and management, with an emphasis on complex methodological, statistical, and epidemiological approaches to important public policy issues in health, environment, education, economics, public policy, and social welfare.

Mr. Gabel, a long-term RTI employee with technical training in both statistics and computer science, has served in a variety of leadership roles during his career, including the head of the Research Computing Division and the vice president for Survey and Computing Sciences. Mr. Gabel helped pioneer RTI’s early efforts to conceptualize and develop Internet applications for research activities and has extensive experience directing data collection and data processing activities for scientific research studies. More recently, he led the initiative to develop a comprehensive international expansion strategy for SSES and oversaw the creation of the Center for the Advancement of Health IT. He has a BS from the University of Wyoming and an MBA from Duke University.