CoVar Applied Technologies
CoVar Applied Technologies
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Peter Torrione
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CoVar specializes in the research and development of machine learning technologies. In this burgeoning field, CoVar principals, with our long history in pattern recognition and statistical signal processing, cut through the hype to deliver software products, consulting, and data analysis that work and work reliably. Our proven methodology of combining deep domain subject matter expertise with a wide array of machine learning toolsets yields results that are interpretable, stable, and insightful. With so many new start-ups touting machine learning capabilities, it’s difficult to know whom to trust. You can rely on CoVar—our proven record of successful delivery to the DoD spans decades, developing IED detection algorithms. Our ground-breaking kick-detection software is saving lives in the oil drilling industry; leveraging machine learning to predict and prevent dangerous blowouts. Most recently, we have developed and delivered software to the healthcare industry that is revolutionizing how medical research is performed—unlocking hidden correlations and connections in vast unstructured data to drive new innovations in diagnostics and drug development.
CoVar engages with customers and partners in a myriad of ways. We have developed and offer for sale numerous data analytics and video analytics software products—tailored to particular industries. We provide customization of our software products to suit particular customers’ requirements and workflows. We perform data analysis research and consulting—uncovering hidden value in customer data. We co-develop sophisticated sensor products with partners, leveraging our proprietary machine learning technology to develop algorithms that make our customers’ products smarter and perform better.